Why us ?

A Little About US
As opposed to the traditional method for trading companies, we are devoted in offering breakthrough services by providing many of our “value-add services” and excellent quality products to each and every customer. Our close relationship with our customers and suppliers allows us to pay careful attention to every product detail. This essentially separates Excellent Limited from any other company. We welcome your enquiries and look forward to handling your needs and requirements shortly.


Our Background 
Excellent Limited was founded in 1995. Currently, we are one of the largest buying office and export service company for Nordic countries. Our business expanded quickly within the last ten years, establishing three sub-branch offices in China.  Located in Guangdong, and Tianjin area, our China offices concentrate on quality assurance and product development, supporting our Hong Kong staff with maximum efficiency.

Why us?
Excellent Limited’s primary function is to create an enhanced procurement link between our customers and our various carefully selected partners in China. By uniting our customers together, this provides us with a unique opportunity to combine their buying needs and seek larger product volumes. Excellent acts as the key procurement link between the buyers and suppliers with a simple aim to maximize
Everyone’s buying power.

Some other reasons include:
1/ Detailed understanding and knowledge of the Asian market
2/ Buying and order follow-up
3/ Product knowledge and development
4/ Quality assurance and Quality control
5/ Assist in shipping and payment arrangements
6/ Package design and marketing material support
7/ Cultural understanding