About Us

Excellent Limited was founded in year 1994. Currently, we are one of the largest buying office and export service company. Our business expanded quickly within the last ten years. We have handle over 80,000 container shipped for Asia to Europe. As opposed to the traditional method for trading companies, we are devoted in offering breakthrough services by providing many of our “value-add services” and excellent quality products to each and every customer. Our close relationship with our customers and suppliers allows us to pay careful attention to every product detail. This essentially separates Excellent Limited from any other company. We welcome your enquiries and look forward to handling your needs and requirements shortly.

Excellent Limited
We are committed to maintain customer satisfaction by long term experience in manufacturing and export industry as well as the backup of rich resources in material sourcing, designing and attentive quality control of all performance. You can see a complete range of stylish, trendy & durable products with functional design & mordern packaging within all our products. Our infrastructure is working with each supplier effectively at all aspect and controlling them to follow our customers’ quality standards, demanding delivery requirements and especially concern of costing. We take OEM orders based on customers’ product design specifications in a attentively manner.

Unikeen Development Limited

Unikeen Development Limited is a trading company, mainly focus on handle import and export accessories for our own production



e-sanitary (Guangzhou) Manufacturing Limited
e-sanitary Manufacturing Limited founded in year 2009, location in Panyu South of Guangzhou,
At this facility  focuses on product development and small scale production. 
Also operating at this site is Dinavia (Tianjin) Import & Export Co. Limited, responsible for quality control inspections and handling export documentation and services.  
We have ISO-90001 & BSCI standard and certificate
www.e-sanitary.com      environment photo

Excellent (Tianjin) Garments Company Limited
Excellent's Garments location in Tianjin, production facility was established in year 1992, with a clear focus towards high quality garment goods. Our product assortment range including Functional Jacket, Ski overalls, children overall. We have 10 production line around 200 workers.  

Foxcat Design Limited
Foxcat is a brand new product design label established in year 2014, the reputed trading company for Nordic countries. Seeking to achieve a balance among design, function and environment, Foxcat develops luxury but minimalist user-friendly products that fit in with restaurants, hotels and resorts. Combining proprietary technology with appreciation in classics, it offers fresh decorating ideas for both indoor and outdoor purposes.